An ISO 9001:2008 Institute

Domain Specific Topics

  1 Generation
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Wind Turbines, Solar PV and Energy Storage- Operation, maintenance & performance.
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environment Management Plan
  • Hydro Turbines, Governing & its Protection Systems
  • O&M, Testing of Power Transformers and HT Circuit Breakers
  • Vibrations and Balancing of Rotating Machinery in Heavy Industries and Power Plants.
  • Damage mechanisms inspection and RLA of steam turbine components.
  • Flexibilisation of Power Plants.
  • Coal Combustion & Clinkering Problems: hazards, remedies & Safety measures in Thermal Power Stations.
  • Boiler Tube Failure Mechanisms and their Corrective & Preventive Actions
  • DC Supply system & Batteries in Power Plants
  • Coal/lignite sampling & Quality assessment
  • Power/Control/Instrument Cable Selection, Installation, testing, maintenance, fault Finding, Protections
  • Switchyard protection and maintenance.
  • Instrumentation & Control for Power Plants, Turbine Condition Monitoring and Supervisory Instruments, Power Plant Overall design & control Philosophy, DCS for Power Plant.
  • O&M of Siemens make Gas Turbine SPPA3000
  • O&M of GE make Gas Turbine Mark-VI
  • Flue gas Desulphurisation System
  • Operation, Maintenance & Performance of Super Critical Thermal Power Plant.
  • Air Quality Control System in Thermal Power Plant
  • Understanding of RGMO (Restricted Governing Mode of Operation ) and FGMO (Free Governing Mode of Operation ) in a power plant.
  • Condition Based Maintenance Aspect of Electrical Equipments
  • Best O&M practise in Gas turbine CCPP.
  • Factors affecting performance of Gas Turbine. Effect of Evaporator cooler.
  • Gas Turbine major Electrical and C&l controls.
  • Critical Parameters and Protection system of Gas Turbine.
  • Operation , maintenance & Performance of CFBC Boiler.
  • Operation, maintenance and Performance improvement in Cooling Towers & Condensers of Thermal Power Plant
  • Compressor - Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting.
  • Water chemistry for coastal /non-coastal area Thermal Power Station.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance of Rotary Equipments
  • Advanced Operational Practice of Supercritical Thermal Power Plant
  • Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (HRES)
  • Solar PV Panel - Installation, Maintenance and Testing
  • Digitalization of Power Plant
  • Training for Engineers for obtaining Boiler Proficiency Certificate
  • Open Access, Power Trading and Tariffs-ABT Scenario
  • Renewable Energy Grid Interface Technology & Regulatory Framework
  • Induction Training to Newly recruited Junior Engineer (VS)
  • Training Program on Regulatory & Commercial Aspects for Generation Engineers
  2 Transmission
  1. Transmission Line
    • Transmission line - Understanding the basic design aspects and Advanced design aspects
    • Transmission tower foundation - Basic design aspects including pile foundation
    • Tower Foundation, erection, stringing (Advance Course)
    • Understanding of transmission line design aspects from operation point of view
    • Transmission line conditioning monitoring and maintenance practices
    • Field Quality Plan and Pre-commissioning procedures in transmission lines
    • Preventive maintenance of tower foundations
  2. Substation
    • Substation design, maintenance and operation
    • Design of earth mat in substation
    • Field Assessment of Earthing for aged substations - Improvement techniques
    • Substation SCADA with Digital Inputs
    • Quality management system for Extra High Voltage equipments
    • Testing & Commissioning of Substation - Tests, checks and safety precautions
    • 11 kV VCB Panels - Design, Testing & Commissioning and O&M
    • Understanding Electrical Schematics
    • Reading the relays - Fault data, Event Records and Disturbance Records
    • Erection, Testing, Commissioning and O&M of Circuit Breakers
    • Understanding Interlocks in Equipment Operation and On Load Transfer
    • Capacitor Bank - Design, Testing, Operation & Maintenance
    • Cables - Construction, Laying, Termination, Testing & Commissioning, Fault Locating & Repairs
    • Enhancing system availability through Live Line Maintenance Work
  3. Transformers
    • Use of Ester oil for transformer
    • Transformer Erection & Oil Processing
    • Transformer Overhauling
  4. Asset Management
    • Assessment of transformer fleet - Health Index
    • Fundamental of Condition Monitoring techniques in transformer, CT, Circuit Breaker, LA
    • Digitalization and its role in R & M
    • Transmission Asset Management System (TAMS)
  5. SLDC, Grid Operation and RE Integration
    • Renewable Energy - Seamless integration and Grid management
    • Grid Management, Network Monitoring & Loss Reduction
    • Needs and Benefits of PMU and WAMS in Grid operation
  6. Power System Study
    • Power system study - Load flow, Reactive power and Short circuit current
    • Available Transfer Capability (ATC) & Total Transfer Capability (TTC) - Basics and its assessment
    • Reactive Power Management - Fundamentals and Technologies for MV, HV and EHV levels
    • FACTS devices - VSC and STATCOM
    • Power Quality : Evaluation, Effects and Improvement Techniques
  7. Civil
    • Understanding & Interpreting Civil construction Drawings for AIS and GIS substations and its execution at site
    • Field Quality Plans for Civil works of Substation and Transmission lines
    • Geo technical investigation report Ė itís importance and interpretation
  8. Regulatory and Commerce
    • Regulatory framework for open access, REC, REF, DSM mechanism
    • Transmission Grid Code - Development in last 10 years, Key features and compliances by utility
    • Electricity Act 2003 & Regulations for transmission utility
    • CEA Safety Regulations
  9. General
    • Energy Audit and Loss Reduction in T & D system
    • Communication needs in transmission utilities - Use of OPGW and its benefits
    • Safety in Workplace - Understanding PPE & safety devices and its usage, Building Safety Awareness and Safety Culture in organization
    • Project Management
    • Procurement Policy, Tenders and Contracts
    • Understanding Delegation of Powers
    • Accounts and Store procedures
  3 Distribution
  • Intelligent Transformer Maintenance
  • Best Practices in Distribution, Operation & Maintenance System
  • Behavioral Skill Training on Managing Change in Power Distribution
  • Power System & Network Management
  • Revanue maintenance & AT & C loss reduction techniques
  • Best Practices on Customer Services
  • Smart metering technology & AMR application
  • Microgrids
  • Power Cable Selection, testing & maintenance, Installation, Fault Finding, Protection
  • Earthing Practices in Electrical Installations and Safety Precautions
  • HT/LT AB Cable - its installation and maintenance
  • Solar Energy - Technical Feasibility, Issues, Challenges and solutions for integration with GRID
  • Harmonics & Reactive Power Management
  • Importance of Earthing in Distribution Network
  • R & D Projects (Pipe in Cage, LPWAN, WDT, SFMS)
  • R & D Projects (MVCC & OLTS, Power Quality Issues, Smart Eco System)
  • Regulatory and commercial aspects for DISCOMs Engineer
  • Insights of MYT (Multi Year Tariff)
  • GEO Urja Application
  • Various Solar Related Schemes
  • Purchase Policy & Procedure
  • Solar PV: BoS, Technical feasibility & Solar Policies
  • Ten Weeks Induction Training program for JE(VS) of DISCOMs
  • Refresher Training Program for DISCOMs JEs
  • One Week Induction Training for Deputy Engineers
  4 Common Topics
  1. Material Management
    • Material Management, Store Management, Inventory Management & Legal Aspects etc.
  2. Civil Engineering
    • Quality Control & Management in Building Construction
    • Regulatory Practices in National Building Code 2016
    • Prefabricated Structure - Planning, Design & Construction
    • Water Harvesting & Conservation
    • New Methods , Materials & technology in Construction
    • Building repair
  3. Safety
    • Job Safety Analysis(JSA) & Safety Operating Procedure for Critical activities of coal, lignite, Gas & Hydro Power Stations for Generation Engineers
    • Safety measures & Compliance under the Factories (Amendment) Bill, 2016 &draft Gujarat factories (fourth amendment) Rules 2017 for Generation Engineersv
    • Safety measures & compliances under CEA (measures relating to Safety & Electric supply ) Amendment regulations, 2018 for Generation Engineers
    • Safety provision in Indian Boilers (Amendment) Act,2007 and Boiler Operation Engineers & attendants Rules,2016 for Generation Engineers
    • Safety provision & compliances under Gas Cylinder (second amendment) rules,2016 for Generation Engineers
    • Safety provision & compliances under Petroleum (Amendment) Rules,2002 & Explosive(Amendment) Rules,2008 for Generation Engineers
    • Supervisor provisions in OHS code 2020,Electricity Act,2003 & CEA regulations,Indian Boilers ( Second Amendment) regulations,2020,National building code of India,BOCW Act/Gujarat BOCW rules 2003 for Generation Engineers
    • Silent provisions in Gujarat Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act,2013 for Generation Engineers
    • Electrical Safety, Behavioral Based Safety & Business Continuity for DISCOMs Engineer
    • Electrical Hazards & control measures in 132KV/220KV/400KV switchyard maintenance work on structure & 6.6 KV/415 V switchgears maintenance work, Lock out Tag Out permit system
    • Bulk storage handling, health & Safety hazards & its control measure for Chlorine, Ammonia, H2SO4,NaOH, HCL, FO/LDO, Diesel ,Hydrogen etc.
    • Safety & health Hazards during working at Height work like Chimney /cooling tower painting /renovation work, Aviation light maintenance work, Sox, NOx monitoring work, boiler puncher attending work, cable replacement work, & its safety control measures ,Safety in Scaffolding and Working at Heights
    • Work environment monitoring in Power plant like coal dust, Noise, Vibration, illumination, ventilation, chemical exposure etc. Health & Safety Hazards & Its control measures.
    • Fire Protection System testing criteria & Monitoring as per ISI Standard for Coal/Gas/Hydro Power Stations.
    • Behaviour based Safety
    • Fire & Safety
  4. Finance & Accounts
    • Working Capital & Financial Management
    • Indirect Taxes i.e. GST & Service Tax: Provisions relating thereto and compliance
    • Electricity Act 2003 and Regulatory requirements & Commerce Subjects
    • Provisions of Income Tax, TDS etc.
    • Employee Benefits i) Provident Fund, ii) Gratuity, iii) EDLI & iv) Other Compensation
    • Finalization of Accounts in respect to IndAS
    • Provisions of The companies Act-2013
    • Accounts & Revenue enhancement measures
    • Finance for Non Finance Professionals
    • Training related to Payroll : Form 16, 24Q & TDS on Salary etc..
    • Training related to CPF , Pension, EDLI etc..
  5. Commerce for Generation, Transmission & Distribution
    • Renewable Energy Resources
    • Multi Year Tariff (MYT)
    • Power Purchase Agreements & Availability based Tariff
    • Power Trading & Open Access
  6. First Aid
    • Introduction & Management of First Aid Box, First Aid for Foreign Bodies, Bites and Strings (Biological Hazards), Vital Signs in Body, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  7. Information Technology
    • Internet of Things (IOT)
    • Mobile Application Development - Android
    • Security & Firewall
    • Web Designing
    • Python Programming Languages for beginners
    • Cyber Security
    • Advanced Excel
    Human Recourses
  • Essential Labour Laws compliance in execution of Contracts
  • DA for Decision Makers
  • Employee rights (benefits) and responsibilities
  • Roster Maintenance
  • New Labour Code
  • Gender Sensitivity & Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work place
  • Physical Health for Women- Issues & Remedial Measures
  • Health Emotional Quotient
  • Motivation & Leadership
  • Communication & Team work skills
  • Right to Information
  • 1.  Settlement of cases in Lok-Adalats/Settlement Committees & various legal aspects involved therein
  • Legal Services Authority Act, 1987, Back-ground of Lok-Adalats & Various Forums available in the State for Lok-Adalats.(e.g. Permanent Lok-Adalat, Mediation, etc.); What is Litigation & Pre-litigation Lok-Adalats, Merits of settlements in Lok-Adalats.
  • Preparation for holding Lok-Adalats, Court Procedures & Steps for maximizing settlements; Delegation of Powers (DoP) for Settlements in Lok-Adalats & Settlement Committees of DISCOMs.
  • Assessment/Supplementary Bill Calculations for Sec.135 & 126 Cases under EA, 2003 and under Supply Code; Procedure and important points for recovery thereof with Case Studies.
  • Various important provisions of Supply Code; Provisions relating to Theft & Unauthorized Cases; Courtís observations & important points for Theft Cases; Settlement of Theft cases in Lok-Adalats/3-Tier Settlement Committees of DISCOMs as per prevailing circulars.
  • Important points for Filling of Civil Suit for recoveries; Appeals & its procedures; Legal position in High Court / Supreme Court Cases of DISCOMs; Observations of Courts regarding Documentations & Procedures
  • Present Norms/Guidelines for Settlements Cases in Lok-Adalats/Pre-litigation Lok-Adalats & 3 Tier Settlement Committee of DISCOMs; Recovery & follow up actions after settlements, Doís & Doníts of settlement in Lok-Adalats/ Committees with case studies.
  • Important provisions of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code-2016; NCLT & DRT Issues, Court procedure relating to DISCOMs in NCLT matters
  • 2.  Legal Training on Court procedure / Court matters / avoiding delay in Court procedures
  • 3.  Arbitration & Dispute Settlement
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